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Our Facilities

Gardena Christian Academy provides a warm and nurturing environment where children can learn, grow, and thrive.


Our Goals

The goal of Gardena Christian Academy is to see that each student reaches their full potential in every aspect: spiritually, mentally, academically, physically, and socially. All of our subjects are presented from a God-Centered viewpoint and are designed to integrate spiritual truth with academic training. We believe that academic training is an extension of spiritual truth as set forth in God’s word.

Our Curriculum


We utilize the Abeka Curriculum to educate the students at GCA. The Abeka Curriculum is designed to teach children the bible, phonics, reading, numbers, and letters. The curriculum encourages students to develop good classroom habits and to build their character. It places emphasis on fundamental academic growth concepts, spiritual development, and the social adjustment of each child.


GCA offers a meal program that provides students with hot breakfast, hot lunch, and snacks daily. All meals are developed in accordance with the state’s requirements for child nutrition. The costs of the meal plan are included in the monthly tuition. A monthly calendar is available for parents.


GCA is a member of the Association of Christian Teachers & Schools and participates in various ACTS district activities including spelling, speech, mathematics, science & yearly SATs.

Dress Code

During the school year, elementary school students are required to wear a school uniform. Information regarding uniforms is available for parents.

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